Glow Formula by Kiehls: pros and cons

How it is written in the Elle Magazine: «Bye-bye heavy contouring and wild blocky brows. Fresh baby skin with less contouring is becoming a new trend in 2018” So the most popular trend for summer’18 – is glowing skin. And if you are bored about a heavy foundation, contouring and spending hours for your perfect makeup just like as me, you need to try this amazing Glow Formula Skin Hydrator by Kiehl’s.

What is it? This is a moisturizer with unique Glow Formula, which hydrates skin to smooth and soften while imparting a soft, subtle facial glow. It boosts skin radiance over time with the benefits of antioxidant protection, enriched with Pomegranate Extract and Illuminating Minerals and formulated with 95% naturally derived ingredients. What do I love about this product? It has natural glowing effects when your skin illuminates and it looks like it has to be.

Actually, this product reminds me Smashbox Photo Finish Radiance primer. They have a very similar effect, but the difference is in the effect because when you apply Smashbox Radiance primer you can see individual glowing particles, when you apply Kiehls Glow Formula you don’t see them, your skin glows like a single canvas. And the last, why you need to choose Kiehls, for 35 euro you will have 50 ml, at the same price Smashbox Radiance Primer has only 30 ml. I love this product because your skin looks fresh, natural and shining. And it’s amazing!

How to use it? You can apply it alone on bare skin for minimal coverage (and maximal glow), mixed with your favorite foundation or skin care product, or on top of makeup as a highlighter. So many uses, so little time.

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